Geometric Glass Design
Brick Workers at Construction Site 

A hardware and software solution

for the field in the commercial construction industry to read, comprehend, and build off of construction plans.

Black Tablet Illustration

It’s 2022, and construction is behind the curve technologically.

The team in the field has too much information to keep track of, and not enough time to learn complicated new tools.

The results?

Wasted Time, Mistakes, Rework.

Close-up of Blueprints

What's Wrong With the Software We Have Today?

It’s built for the "Office People", the Engineers, Architects, Estimators, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Superintendents, etc.

NOT for the men and women in the field.

What makes us different?

Needed Features. Simplified.

Hyperlink all

project info

to the


Instant populating distances for layout

Instant overlay with everything

Instant material ordering

Crew productivity tracking


fly-through 3D model

What makes us ?

Integrated Tablets

Software Only

Rugged Tablets Integrated with SmartPrints 1.0

Apply SmartPrints 1.0 to your existing Apple & Android devices

Equip as many, or as little, of your crew with technology.

Label Design

Per Project Solutions

Label Design

Per User Solutions

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